Dear Montclair Tabernacle Family:
The past several days have been unprecedented in our nation and especially in the church world. These are perilous times that require the Church to be at its absolute best. Some may find this difficult because of having to cancel services and events, but may I say it could be just what we needed. We have a tremendous opportunity in the coming days to take this wonderful light that we have been given, step out of our walls, and share it with the world.
I am not dismayed today by having to make the following announcement.
Due to mandates given to us by federal and state governments, the CDC, and our own denominations encouragement to obey such laws.
Montclair Tabernacle will be implementing Phase 3 of our Pandemic Response Plan and canceling all in house gatherings including our Sunday Morning services for at least the next two weeks.
Instead, we will be LIVE STREAMING our service directly to you by way of YouTube and Facebook. Our service will consist of a small amount of essential personnel including our band, technical team and me. Through this wonderful technology we will be able to join together each Sunday @ 11am. It’s going to be an amazing time and I look forward to hearing how God shows up in your home each week through our streaming service.
Now some may say, how can you not be discouraged by this decision. I’m glad you asked. This building that I’m sitting in is not the Church. Each of you are the Church! You are the ones that make a difference in our world. You are are the ones that take the light that you experience here and distribute it to the ones that need it most! I am encouraging you to do just that during this season. Join us during our live stream, be encouraged and inspired, and then find your own ways of bringing hope to those around you.
I have just concluded a meeting with our staff where we have made provisions to continue to do ministry despite the limitations of current social restrictions. We will be sending you correspondence in a couple days outlining all of those opportunities, but in the meantime, please make yourself available to the resources that we will be using to communicate. This will be vitally important moving forward.

If you haven’t already, please download our app by going to the app store on your phone and searching for “church ministries center”. When that is downloaded you will have the option to search for our church or search for local churches and ours will be on the list.
f you are not already signed up to receive our email news and announcements please visit our website now and go to the bottom of the page. There you will find a place to put our email address. Once entered you will receive a confirmation in your email that you will have to respond to. Once that is confirmed you will be signed up.

If not already, please consider creating a Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account for yourself and liking Montclair Tabernacles page. We constantly post on these platforms and it is a great way to communicate. If you already have these platforms please make sure you like or connect with our sites.
If you have not already please text the word MTCOG to the number 97000. Please do this
immediately so that you will be made aware of any changes and announcements during
these important times.

Youtube is the online video archive and streaming platform that we use to broadcast our
services each week. You do not need a subscription to use YouTube. Simply search YouTube
using your browser and then search for Montclair Tabernacle. Our LIVE broadcast will be
there each week as well as an archive of previous services.

Our website is available as a source of information, online giving, announcements, and more.  Please visit WWW.MONTCLAIRTAB.ORG .
We hope you will take advantage of these resources. It is our goal to stay connected with each of you the best way we can in the coming days. You are important to us!
Thank you in advance for your continued faithful generosity to the church over the next few weeks. This type of an emergency can really affect our church financially and cripple us from being able to do ministry. We know that God will sustain us and your faithfulness in giving online, by mail, or simply writing your check and holding it until you return is vitally important. If you haven’t already, consider giving online. This method is fast and easy and allows us to continue with no delays.
God bless you and remember that as believers we have victory over every attack of the enemy. You are not alone and we care about you. I look forward to that great celebration day when we can return to our regular schedule.
Reaching People… Changing Lives!
— Pastor Brad Lewis
March 13, 2020
Dear Church Family, 
We have prepared this and the accompanying packet to make you aware of our plans in regard to the current Corona Virus anxieties. While we refuse to be fearful and full of worry, we also recognize the need to be diligent in our preparedness given the current concerns that have been perpetuated by the media and at the suggestion of our federal government.
Our first level of responses is to pray. Prayer is our most effective weapon against anything that we face personally and as a nation. Our second level is to be vigilant in staying educated as to the state of the virus in our community, and to keep our facility as clean as possible.
As a precaution, I am also calling our entire church to exercise restraint in our interaction with one another during service times. We are a loving church and it will be difficult to keep from expressing those sentiments but feel it necessary due to the circumstances. We recommend smiles or fist bumps instead of hand-shakes and hugs, and refraining from other close contact scenarios. 

The phases of our plan are based on the possible progression of this pandemic moving forward and we hope it will never get to the point where we have to cancel services. We encourage you to push back against the fear and anxiety about this virus and recognize that as believers we have victory over any scheme of the enemy.  This response is to make you, our incredible church family,  aware that we are being practical and proactive about this situation.

If you are a leader, teacher, or oversee a group of any kind you are asked to please follow the cleaning policies located in the attached packet. As the days progress we will assess our response and adapt our plan accordingly. We will also follow any mandates given to us by our federal, state, and local governments. Until such mandates are given let me encourage each of you to continue to make church attendance a priority and do not let fear keep you from the House of God. However, if  you are elderly, have known medical issues, or have conditions that would put you at high risk of contracting this disease you may want to consider avoiding large gatherings for a period of time. We have no known cases of this virus among us and have no reason at this time to be alarmed. This statement is simply a precaution. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. God bless you, and please continue to pray for our national and local leaders as they make decisions on our behalf. Pray for those that have already been affected by this outbreak. Pray for our economy and those impacted by loss.  Lastly, pray for our church, that God would continue to guard us, guide us, and give us wisdom to make right and righteous decisions concerning whatever may come our way.



Pastor Brad Lewis 
Lead Pastor