We all know that men now a days are more stressed then ever. Whether it be providing for the family, running on two hours of sleep because of a crying baby, or simply just trying to keep your job. In the midst of everything going on, sometimes men need an opportunity to just get away with other guys and live life together. We try to create an environment where this can be accomplished. We strive to lead men to become followers of Christ and servants leaders in their homes, church, and community. READ MORE


Women are encouraged to get connected with other women either through small group studies, classes, large seasonal events and benevolent projects. It’s our desire to see women growing spiritually and developing their gifts to serve the church family and to serve the community outside the church. We need to unite our hearts, and encourage each other as daughters of the Most High. We provide outlets for women to connect, to pray for each other, and to build each other up. READ MORE
Marriage is an intimate personal union in which a man and a woman covenant together with God in a life-long partnership of mutual love and commitment.  At Montclair Tabernacle, it is our desire to do everything we can to support and strengthen marriages. Our Marriage 4 Life ministry encourages and equips strong marriages through classes, events, small groups, and more. READ MORE.